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For all of you have stumbled upon my story-blog, whether on purpose or by accident, let me give you a quick introduction of what you may find and where to go from here.

Essentially, this is my story blog of my Sims 4 gaming/storytelling experience. It is nearly impossible not to create a story while I play, most of which is of events that take place in my own life or inspiration that I draw from. Also, I would like to make a disclaimer concerning the content of the blog.

***DISCLAIMER: Many of the chapters of my Sims Legacy has mature content and/or suggestive themes. Many include touchy subjects such as depression, grief, loss, sexual content and partial nudity. Please read with discretion.***

So without further ado: The Keenan Legacy

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So this is written in prose, several pictures per chapter and many adorned with my (not so excellent) posing skills. This legacy revolves around several central characters as it tells of their life trials and their ups and downs.

Updates: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

**Starting September 2019 updates will go back to every Monday and Thursday.**

For Character Bio pages click – here – . ***Contains Spoilers!***

To Start into the Legacy click – here – .

I will also create a page for all the custom content that I use as well as some poses I have created for my SimLit (the good ones, at least). All in good time! 🙂